OpenPilot for AP1 Model S/X

Required Items
  • Tesla Model S/X with AutoPilot 1 (2015-2016)
  • $1999 USD Comma three devkit or a $999 Comma two devkit, either of them with a Developer Car Harness. Note: Support for Comma two/EON Gold ended April 2022. Newer features on the branch might not be compatible with these devices. I will maintain a version of the software for these devices.
  • Tesla AP1 Harness made following our instructions. Comma might start selling the harness on their website soon.
  • Tesla Unity branch of the OpenPilot software.

Optional Items
  • For Model X vehicles with AP1, a secondary $299 USD Comma Black Panda is needed to take advantage of the OpenPilot longitudinal control. By default (without the additional item) it will use the Tesla Adaptive Cruise Control. But to take advantage of slowing down/stopping to traffic lights and stop sign, this item is absolutely needed. A special harness will also be needed to support longitudinal control.
  • 10ft USB4/Thunderbolt3 cable for Model X to conncet the device to the harness. Not all USB-C cables are the same. Please ensure the cable is labeled Thuderbolt3 to ensure it has all pins of the USB-C cable connected, not just the power and data.
  • Model S vehicles with AP1 do not require additional hardware to take advantage of the OpenPilot longitudinal control

  • Features and Capabilities

    Let's face it, you have a 2015-2016 Tesla Model S/X. When this car was created, the AutoPilot1 was offering top of the line capabilities. Lane Keep Assist, Adaptive Cruise Control with stop-and-go, radar, 12 parking sensors, etc. You had the summon to impress your friends and to get out from in between those two F150 pickups that parked VERY close to you on purpose. You had the automatic lane change. You impressed everybody. And then... there were no more updates... AP1 has not seen an update in ages...

    Now, if you drive using AP1 on anything by highways, and if your road is not fully flat, you must have noticed that AP1 tends to pull right every time it goes over a hill. It also has those phantom brakings on the highway when it gets scared of its own shadow. Then there is the NAG, the constant NAG to touch the steering wheel...

    When I created the Tinkla OpenPilot port for AP1 cars I wanted the best of both worlds. My car's birthday was October 2014. I missed the AP1 by a carlength. I always said that my car was the last one that did NOT have AP1. My car is a so weird combination of harnesses and componets, right in the middle of a production change. That's why her name is FrankenTesla. In 2019 I did retrofit a full AP1 kit: iBooster, new steering column, ESP v2, radar and AP1 hardware (and the windshield of course). But after one month with AP1, I wanted my old OpenPilot back...

    With OpenPilot for AP1 you have the best of both worlds. You keep the summon, the AP1 capabilities when you want them, etc. But you augment them with the OpenPilot capabilities. You can run OpenPilot lane keep, that does not try to veer of the road, with the ACC that AP1 offers. You can also enable OpenPilot longitudinal control, which soon will stop for stop sign and stop lights. If you have a Comma3, it will also navigate on maps... A single pull will enable OP while a double pull will enable AutoPilot. You have them both without giving up anything. What else would you want? Fries?

    I have given Comma the details and specs to make a harness for AP1 cars. If that will not come to fruition any time soon, I will have all the info on our WiKi on how you can make your own or where you can get one. This is my daily driver so I am fully committed to make my 110 miles daily commute as automated as possible.

    Oh, and the cherry on the cake.... Did I mention that OpenPilot uses a camera to make sure you pay attention to the road instead of that NAG? You DO NOT have to touch the damn steering wheel every few seconds to prove you pay attention to the road... What a novel idea...