OpenPilot for Tesla Model S/X with AP1

From Tinkla: Tinkering with Tesla

Quick Start

  1. Purchase an AP1 Harness harness from our online store and install it into your car

  1. Install the Comma two/Comma three in your windshield.
  2. Connect your Comma Three or Comma Two to the AP1 Harness using short USB-C cable that came with your Comma device.
  3. Install the Tesla version of OP
  4. Finally take your Tesla w/OP for a spin!

Improving your AP1

With Tesla no longer paying any attention to the older Model S (the AP1 was based on the MobileEye platform that Tesla dumped in October 2016 and has received limited code updates ever since), the only option to get new features and functionality is by joining our community and running the Tinkla branch of OpenPilot created specifically and only for Tesla vehicles.