AP2 Harness

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build your own for about $440 + tools and a lot of crimping :)

Two Options

  • AP2 controls steering using the Chassis CAN and acceleration/braking through the Powertrain CAN, thus it requires two harness for complete control from OpenPilot.
  • Only a Comma three can control multiple pandas using the additional USB-C port. Hence a Comma two can only handle lateral control.

Using OpenPilot with just lateral control

  • When using the OpenPilot on a Tesla with AP2/2.5/3, you have the option to configure the software (via the UI toggles) to only do lateral control, and let the built in adaptive cruise control handle the longitudinal control.
  • To do this, you will need a Comma two or Comma three plus a Lateral Control Harness by following the instructions in the Comma repository.

Using OpenPilot with full control

To allow OpenPilot to fully (lateral and longitdinal) control your Telsa equipped with AP2/2.5/3, you need the following:

  • A Comma three
  • A black panda (for longitudinal control)
  • Two Comma Car Harnesses for Development Vehicles
  • Connectors and pin as listed in this diagram to build both the lateral control harness and the longitdinal control harness]
  • Some quiet time to sit down and build your harnesses