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Tesla w/Cold Weather Package or Tesla Model X (Fuse Box in cabin)

If you have a Tesla with the Cold Weather package then there is a fuse box near the accelerator which makes this a 30 minute install. [1]

Model X You will need a new Fuse Holder and a ring terminal for Power.
Step 1 - Remove Console trim and Footwell trim

You need to remove two pieces of trim on the center console and footwell: the soft touch faux leather trim that runs along the side and beside the driver’s seat and the hard plastic that it overlaps slightly. Remove the soft faux leather one first. Start at the very end near the driver seat and pull it away from the center console (see right pic). It’s held on with pegs.

Winter1.jpg Winter2.jpg

Removing the plastic bit is a little more complicated. First, grip it from the exposed opening and pull it away from the center console and dash. It makes contact with the airbag and trim under the dash. You’ll need to angle it upwards and rotate it up while also pulling the bottom towards you. Push the accelerator pedal out of the way to pull the trim towards you. This will also be 100% easier if you set your footwell carpet aside. You’ll want to place the soft leather piece somewhere it won’t get scratched like the back seat.

Winter3.png Winter4.jpg

Now that you have the side panels off, you can see the exposed fuse box near the accelerator (below).


Step 2 - Remove the trim panel under the steering wheel.

You’ll want to remove this screw on the right, and a corresponding one on the left below the dash (red arrows).

Winter6.jpg Winter7.png Winter8.png

Note the power adapter for the footwell light (black connector in right pic). You’ll use a flathead screwdriver to remove it. Afterwards your footwell looks like the right pic.


On the left is a view of the accelerator pedal with the fuse box just to the right of it. Also shown at the top of the pedal is the connector where you plug your comma pedal in. If you haven’t done so yet, this is an opportune time to put the pedal in, too.

Winter10.jpg Winter11.jpg

Step 3 - Now it’s time to get power

If your fuse adaptor has a butt connector, you’re half way there. First, cut and strip the end of the wire coming from your USB power supply (if not already stripped). Crimp it into the butt connector. Then, choose a suitable fuse in the fusebox. The 5A brown fuse on right should work. Put the 5A fuse in the free slot of your adaptor. Then, plug the adaptor in as shown (the fuses are pointing down). Finally, route the loop connector to the 10mm screw just below and to the right of the fuse box. Screw it in and you have ground.

Winter30.jpg Winter31.jpg Winter32.jpg

Once you're done running power we can move on to powering up your Tinkla Buddy.

Tesla S built 2016+ (Fuse Box in cabin)

If you have a 2016 or later Tesla then there should be a fuse box behind the passenger kick panel and you'll need to re-crimp your 12v red wire which will make this about an hour install.

Once you're done running power we can move on to powering up your Tinkla Buddy.

Tesla w/o Fuse Box in Cabin

If you don't have a fuse box in the cabin then pull a wire through a gasket on the firewall behind the washer fluid reservoir in the Frunk. Depending on your method of poking a hole in the gasket and your method of pulling your 16-18 gauge wire through your hole, this can take between 1-2 hours if not longer.

Tools required:

  • 13mm socket (for the ground)
  • Plastic pry tool
  • Fishing tape (or metal hanger)
  • Sharp tool to poke a hole in a rubber gasket.


Above you can see Fuse Box 2 in the Frunk. The red wire from TBuddy is tapped into an empty F36 fuse. (this car doesn't have Air Suspension.)


Above is a zoomed out view of where the red wire runs to get to Fuse Box 2


The picture above is looking behind the washer fluid reservoir, you can see a gasket that will give us access to the cabin.


Above is a closer view of the gasket in the frunk that we can use to route cables into the cabin.


Above is the cabin side of the gasket, hiding low and left when you take off the driver's side kneeboard.


Above is a zoomed out view of the compartment behind the kneeboard. there is a plastic panel on the left which is easy to remove and has two 13mm bolts you can use for ground.