Tinkla Buddy Install Kit

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Note: For now, the original FriendlyARM NanoPi R1S H5 1Gb RAM in yellow case are not available. Will update the list when new products become available.
  1. $6.00 - Fuse TAP Adapter Mini ATM APM
  2. $39.00 - FriendlyARM NanoPi R1 H3, 1Gb RAM, Metal Case. Make sure you get the 1Gb one and the metal case.
  3. $15.00 - DC 12V To 5V 3A 15W USB Output Power Adapter Converter Module
  4. $36.00 - 128GB Class 10 Micro SD Memory Card with SD Adapter I highly recommend not to save money here and get a good quality card. The SandDisk Extreme does 170MB/s
  5. $5.00 - RJ45 Barrel Connector/Coupler Female to Female
  6. $42.00 - Tinkla Buddy Ethernet Cable (32 inches) set from @StarLog#6425 on discord from www.evcablescom.tech.

Optional items

  1. $14.00 - 12v relay banks of 4 or 8 channels to control various add-ons

If you want to make your own Ethernet Cables, you can using:

  1. $35.00 - Cable FAKRA HSD LVDS 1m female male Dacar 535 4-Core
  2. $18.00 - RJ-45 connectors & crimp tool

and following the diagram below.

Fakra wiring digram.png

Total ~$145 USD + tax + shipping and handling depending on where you get your parts from and your choice of shipping speed.

Note: Looking at options to sale this as a kit. I know there are few people in different parts of the world willing to put everything together nicely in a box and have it shipped to customers with a pre-imaged SD card and all for a small profit. Please contact me on discord (@BogGyver-theCANtamer-Philly-(R2)#9177) If you are interested in filling some orders and, once I approve you kit and price point, I will list you here.