OpenPilot for AP2 Model S/X

Required Items
  • Tesla Model S/X with AutoPilot 2 (2016-)
  • $1999 USD Comma three devkit or a $999 Comma two devkit, either of them with a Developer Car Harness. Note: Support for Comma two/EON Gold ended in April 2022. Newer features on the branch might not be compatible with these devices. I will maintain a version of the software for these devices.
  • Tesla AP2 Harness made following our instructions. Comma might start selling the harness on their website soon.
  • 10ft USB4/Thunderbolt3 cable. Not all USB-C cables are the same. Please ensure the cable is labeled Thuderbolt3 to ensure it has all pins of the USB-C cable connected, not just the power and data.
  • Tesla Unity branch of the OpenPilot software.

Optional Items
  • For Model S/X vehicles with AP2, a secondary $299 USD Comma Black Panda is needed to take advantage of the OpenPilot longitudinal control. By default (without the additional item) it will use the Tesla Adaptive Cruise Control. But to take advantage of slowing down/stopping to traffic lights and stop sign, this item is absolutely needed. A special harness will also be needed to support longitudinal control.

  • Features and Capabilities

    When it comes to AP2/2.5/3, you start thinking: what can OpenPilot with its 3 cameras can offer on top of my 7-8-9 cameras? Well, depends on what you paid for and what is enabled on your car...

    AutoPilot hardware 3 (and the future hardware 4 version) have amazing capabilities. If you have the full capabilities, not sure we can offer much on top of that. But if you did not pay for FSD, then there might be something in there for you...

    The AP2+ code is developed (and maintained) by Comma. That means AP2 Tesla is a fully supported car on the base OpenPilot branch. And with the new developments with "big model" and the "nav on maps" capabilities, this is a strong alternative to the basic features of AP2.

    We incorporated the AP2 code in our branch as well, to offer the full integration into the instrumeint cluster (IC), allowing coexistance of OpenPilot and AutoPilot (not on the OP branch) as well as adding our standard features like human steer override, automatic lane change with blind spot monitoring, human acceleration oveeride, etc.

    In short, you have so much to gain and nothing to lose by adding OpenPilot to your AP2 Model S or X. :)