Tinkla OBD-C Adapter


Tinkla OBD-C Adapter

The small, yet powerful and complete adapter to make OpenPilot work on your preAP Tesla Model S is here. It creates the interface between the Comma.ai OBD-C interface and your vehicle. It also offers expansion connectors to add a Pedal Interceptor, retrofit a Bosch radar or power your Tinkla Buddy

I created the Tinkla OBD-C Adapter with two things in mind. First, to make it VERY easy for anybody to add OpenPilot capabilities to their preAP Tesla Model S. Secondly, to have enough capabilities to allow you to add other options on top of the basic functionality.

In the past, in order to run OpenPilot on your preAP Model S, you had to take the frunk apart, drill a hole through the firewall, create and install your own EPAS harness, etc. Whith the Tinkla OBD-C Adapter, paired with our latest release of Tesla Unity branch of OpenPilot, this process was reduced to a plug-and-play operation.

The adapter has an OBD-C port to connect to your Comma two or Comma three device (or Black Panda), an OBD2 port pinned to match the one in your Tesla Model S, 3 JST ports in case you want to add radar or other CAN based accessories, an RJ45 CAN expansion port to connect to your Pedal Interceptor, and a USB A port to power your Tinkla Buddy.

The Tinkla OBD-C Adapter is available through our store