Tinkla Buddy


Tinkla Buddy

If you still have the original MCU1 on your Tesla Model S or Model X, you are in for a treat. Tinkla Buddy is the Swiss Army knife of Tesla tinkerers unleasing a lot of capabilities for you.

Tinkla Buddy was born at the intersection of Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry, serious CAN engineering and packet transformation, and cybersecurity. The ultimate man-in-the-middle (MITM) device, Tinkla Buddy sits between the MCU1 and the IC and transforms the EtherCAN (CAN packets sent over Ethernet protocol) on the fly. The MCU1 thinks it talks to the IC, the IC thinks it talks to the MCU1, yet the little Tinkla Buddy intercepts all their conversation and changes the packets the way it sees fit to achieve its secret goal.

Tinkla Buddy offers full instrument cluster (IC) integration for OpenPilot for Model S cars equipped with MCU1 (sorry, no solution at the moment for MCU2). It also offers an easy interface via the MCU1 touchscreen, creates a WiFi access point using the Tesla connection so you can connect your devices to it and access the internet, and is undetectable by Tesla :D.

You can either get the hardware yourself (componets are listed on our WiKi) or you can buy a kit from our store. The software is licensed separately. The license costs $150 for the first year and $100 for each year after that. The software is updated constantly to ensure it operates on newer releases of Tesla software

The software for Tinkla Buddy is closed source. It is so amazingly powerfule that I can not release the source code, nor can I give you hints on how it works. As a cybersecurity expert (in my real life), I can assure you I take security very seriously. So a no is a NO.