Tinkla Pedal Interceptor


Tinkla Pedal Interceptor

The Tinkla Pedal is a product similar with the Comma Pedal designed to work with any version of OpenPilot/Tinkla Unity.

The Tinkla Pedal Interceptor comes without the pedal connectors (sold separately for Tesla, see related items in the store).

Key features:

  • No soldering required (screw in connectors for the pedal harness)
  • Dedicated DFU Mode button to easily flash the pedal
  • Backwards compatible with Comma Pedal and any flavors of the pedal code (not just Tesla)
  • Designed with future in mind (additional capabilities, multiple CAN busses)
  • Comes pre-flashed with the Tesla Unity pedal code

The Tinkla Pedal Interceptor is available through our store. More info about Pedal Interceptor in general can be found in our wiki.