Tinkla Relay


Tinkla Relay

Tinkla Relay was born from my tinkering needs. I wanted to add features to my FrankenTesla, but I did not want to add switches and toggles. I wanted digital buttons. I wanted something that was Tesla-cool. On my old Mustang, switches were cool. On my Tesla, switches are NOT cool.

Tinkla Relay connects to the Chassis CAN of your Model S or Model X via the OBD2 port (in the driver footwell) or any place you want to tap into the Chassis CAN (usually a pair of #22 wires, one green the other one green with a white line, twised together). By reading the messages on the CAN bus, it can detect if you pressed certain buttons on your steering wheel, if your blinkers are on, if your car is in drive or reverse, etc. It has 32 different options to trigger the relays, which combine car events and button presses. You can learn more about these options on our WiKi.

The firmware on the Tinkla Relay also continues to evolve and you can update to the latest code at any point using our simple to use web interface. Tinkla Relay is available via our store.

What are you waiting for? Start tinkering now!