Tinkla Radar Kit


Tinkla Radar Kit

In order to be able to have the smoothest longitudinal control possible as well as better way in detecting vehicles in front of your car, car manufactures have installed radar sensors on their cars. To take advantage of their capabilities, one would have to retrofit one to the PreAP Tesla Model S. Our offering allows for an easy, plug and play retrofit using existing holes in the front bumper, behind the nosecone.

There are 3 components to the radar retrofit kit (each sold separately): the radar itself, the bracket to mount the radar, and the harness to connect the radar to the Tinkla OBD-C Adapter.

The Tinkla Radar is based on the BOSCH MRRevo14F, the same hardware used by Tesla in early autopilot installs of AP1 and AP2. These units have never been used in cars (not salvage) and have been flashed with the latest firmware and tested.

The Tinkla Radar Bracket has been designed from the ground-up to perfectly fit behind the nosecone while allowing for a relatively simple install yet provide full calibration capabilities. All nuts and bolts to relocate the 12V post and install the Tinkla Radar Bracket are included. Also included is a 3.5mm hex nut driver to allow for the Tinkla Radar calibration.

Last but not least, the Tinkla Radar Harness was created to provide power, ground and CAN communication to the Tinkla Radar. It has an add-a-fuse end to connect it to the fuse box, a ground ring that goes to the official ground post on the left side of the car, and a long twisted-pair connecting the CAN from the radar to the Tinkla OBD-C Adapter.

Tinkla Radar, Tinkla Radar Bracket, and Tinkla Radar Harness are available through our store